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3 ‘unusual’ cocktails for spring

Winter is coming….to an end

I spent the last three weekends outside, either having brunch at an outdoor terrace or having a barbeque with friends (believe me when I say my Argentinian meat cravings has been satisfied for the rest of the year)

And as days get nicer, the more and more outdoor events to plan and enjoy. So today I thought I’d share three amazing drinks and cocktails to whip up on your next brunch or cocktail party.

Last week I received a box of CHICA, a new organic infusion that blends fresh fruit with olive leaves and Mediterranean herbs. They have no added sugar, no gluten, it’s not carbonated and has no dyes or preservatives.

They come in three flavours, Lemon (with olive leaves, basil and mint), Peach (with olive leaves, lavender and honey) and Tangerine (with olive leaves, rosemary and thyme) I know the flavour combination sounds unusual but trust me, they are delicious.  

These infusions can be drank on their own, if you are looking for a non-alcoholic option or if you are going to serve them during the day, but today I thought I’d show you how to transform three classic cocktails into ‘unusual blends’

Side note here, Im a sucker for good design and pretty things and I must confess that I had a hard time opening them, they looked too pretty. The box I received was white with gold foil illustration and had a magnetized side to open and each flavour comes with gold foil and it’s distinctive pastel colour, yellow, lilac and green. There is clearly thought on the design of each package and these are the things that demonstrate CHICA is premium brand.

Ok no more chit chat, let get down to the drinks…

Peach Bellini
A bellini is one of the most no BS cocktails ever. And I though the lavender and honey in the Peach version might give it a little extra kick.

You’ll need:
2/3 Prosecco o Cava
1/3 Chica Peach Blend
Fruit to decorate

  • Just add Chica to a tall glass or champagne flute and combine with the cava. Use fresh fruit to decorate.

Lemon Julep
A zesty cousin of the classic Mint Julep, a traditional American drink with a fuzzy history. This is a great option for those bourbon lovers that are looking for something a bit more refreshing

You’ll need:
60ml or two parts of bourbon
A Dash of simply syrup (1 part water 1 part granulated sugar)
Chica Lemon Blend
Club Soda

  • Combine two parts of bourbon with a dash of simple syrup, add crushed ice, two parts of Chica Lemon Blend and finish off with club soda

Tangerine lily

You’ll need:
60ml or two parts Vodka
A dash of simple syrup (bitters)
30ml or one part Aperol
Chica Tangerine Blend
1 part of lime juice

  • Combine one part of Aperol with simple syrup, add vodka, CHICA tangerine Blend and lime juice. You can decorate with a lemon wedge and a piece of thyme

All three cocktails were a success, but we all agreed the peach Bellini was the star of the show. What do you think? Try them out and let me know which one is your favourite or what combination would you try.

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