5 reasons why The Haunting of Hill House should be on your Watch list

It might be the beginning of the autumn season, or that October is basically Halloween Month but it seems that Netflix just can’t stop uploading Horror Movies and Shows.

I can’t say Im a horror fan, after and unfortunate incident with The Ring when I was young I’ve stayed away of horror films, Im not talking about bloody SAW like movies, but psychological horror… I just can’t.

But in a turn of events I decided to watch the trailer for Hill House that after watching it, it had me saying ‘Wait…what?…I have to watch this’  So I decided to give The Haunting of Hill House a go last Saturday…and by Sunday night I had finished the whole series.

It’s a 10 part series with episodes that range between 50 to 70 mins and it’s so well crafted that even you don’t like horror shows, you’ll enjoy the cinematography.

Quick spoiler free plot: ‘Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it’

But if the trailer and I still haven’t convinced you… here are 5 more reasons why you should add this series on you watch list.

  1.  Just brilliant film making
    This show is incredibly directed. Episode 6 alone has a 15 minute single take that to this day every online forum is talking about. They didn’t rely on online editing or cuts, but they worked with different camera angles, actors changing positions and moving props to create an ambience that helps you as a viewer to become completely engrossed with the story.
  2. Casting
    Props one again to the Hill House team on this. The young and old versions of each character are great, they could honestly pass as each other. The young actors, specially Nellie (Violet McGraw) and Luke (Julian Hilliard) acting is superb and the writing makes each character vividly three-dimensional.
  3. Easter eggs and attention to detail
    If you look closely enough…or you are able to stir away from the story for a moment you’ll be able to see the huge amount of details throughout the series, yes…there are ghost, this is no spoiler, but the amount of ghosts hidden in plain site will make you want to watch each episode again and again. What I love about this is that they are not essential to the story…it’s just great attention to detail. (suggestion: don’t try to figure out…at 3am if that ‘piece of furniture’ is an actual piece of furniture by suddenly sticking your face on the tv)
  4. Those twists
    Spoiler free version… the whole season aims towards one big twist… the red room, and even though I liked the final reveal and the series ending I do believe the original ending (or second ending planned) would’ve been awesome…harsh…but awesome. Still, there are one or two more reveals during the series that had me screaming at the tv in shock
  5. Horror that doesn’t rely on jump-scares
    Yes, there are some jump scares, but this series doesn’t leave its horror component to rely just on that, its how the story carries on, the attention to detail that I talked about earlier and its ambience that made me love the series so much.

Honorable mention:

  • Theo…theo…and theo…
  • How each of the Crane siblings symbolises each stage of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

I really hope you give this show a chance, I might be a bit on the hype train, but it’s been a while since I raved about a tv show this much, so that’s saying something.

If you watch it, let me know in the comments what you thought or tell me what should I watch next.

Until next time – the bend-neck lady

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