Book review for Spring

I’ve always been one to have her head buried in a book, once I get lost in it there is nothing that can take me out of what ever world the story presents.

What the fu…. How?‘ – was the first time I heard le boyfriend after I put down a book that I’ve started just a few hours before. Now he just rolls his eyes… ‘Another one bites the dust’

With new netflix series popping every weeks and mobile apps as instagram and imgur I must admit, I’m not reading as much as I want to, I say I don’t have time, but truth is, there is a part of me that rather be mindlessly scrolling through memes and photos of avocado toasts.

But every year I try to up my book count so I thought I’d share with you some of the books I’ve read so far this year to see if I can spark your reading bug for spring and summer.

On the road – Jack Kerouac (currently reading)
Every once in a while I check ‘the classics’, those books that everyone and his aunt told you, you have to read, and since le boyfriend and I are planning a 10 year anniversary road trip throughout the US I thought I’d give this a go… will have to come back later for this one.

Tales of the peculiar – Ransom Riggs
For those who loved Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, this is a great follow up book. Written as a collection of short stories, we learn more and more about this ‘peculiar’ characters. You don’t have to read ‘Miss Peregrine’s’ trilogy before reading this one.

Toda la verdad de mis mentiras – Elizabeth Benavet
I devoured this story in two days, it is an easy read and quite current as there are mentions of popular songs and apps at the moment.
A group of friends spend a couple of days alone road-tripping through Spain for a bachelorettes’ – there are two narrators, and intricate love story, some NSFW moments and s#it load of lies and secrets – I’ve sort of figure out the plot twists and endings half way through, but it a good ‘beach book’

Girl on the train – Paula Hawkins
This in another book that you can pick up and finish in a couple of days. At first is quite a well crafted thriller that will keep you up trying to figure out whats real and what not from our unreliable narrator. I did think the ending was a bit rushed and left me with a bit of a sour taste (same that I felt with gone girl)

Next on my list:
Once I finish On the road there a couple of new books I’ll like to read… feel free to recommend some if you want.
– Circe . Madeline Miller
– Feminists don’t wear pink … . Scarlet Curtis
– El divan de Becca . Lena Valenti
– Orlando . Virginia Woolf
– Where’d You Go Bernadette . Maria Semple

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