Clearing some questions I got throughout the months

What camera do you use?

For most things ‘blog’ I use my Nikon D3000 with a 50mm lens but I might take a couple of photos with my phone if I don’t have my camera with me or I feel it would be awkward to take a photo with a massive camera (e.g having dinner)

Who takes your photos?

I do! I rarely appear in any of my photos, so that usually means Im on other side of the camera. If I do probably I asked Le boyfriend or a friend to take it.

Quick life story in 5 seconds….and go!

Originally from Argentina I moved to New Zealand on February 2013 after finishing uni. Le boyfriend came here 6 months prior to get things started, after 3 years and an amazing time we decided to give Europe a try. Moving to Berlin for a year and now Mallorca in the Balearic Islands (Spain)

You could say we are digital nomads

So…what are you? (What do you do?)

Im a human…a bit geeky that feeds on sarcasm. Besides blogging I’m a graphic designer and illustrator and I’m currently working as a Community Manager (got to pay ‘da bills) for a lovely Chefs association in Mallorca and I dabble in web design. If you are a bit curious about what kind of work I do, feel free to check my portfolio HERE.

Why ‘Jules in a Box’?

Ever since moving to NZ people started calling me Jules and Jules in a Box started as cute nickname from Le Boyfriend after saying that I had so many interests and constant ´new things that I keep popping them out of an imaginary box, imagine Mary Poppins handbag…but in blog form.

I’m a company or PR Agency & I’d like us to work together. How can I contact you?

If you think your brand or product could be of any interest to our readers and I, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact section. I´ll be happy to answer any questions or send you more info about our readership.