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Pickled Aubergines

I’ve been cursed….cursed with the fact that I absolutely despise aubergines yet… allegedly I make the best pickled aubergines ever.

They even started to become my go to gift when someone comes for dinner. A couple of month a go some friends of our asked me if I could make them some to take back home. I made them 3 jars (these usually lasts us a couple of months to a year)….they were gone by week 2.

My curse…is that I have no idea what they taste like. My aversion to them is so that I can bring myself to try them hahaha but still they are really good (or so they tell me)

You really just need a handful of ingredients and patience, so without further ado…le recipe

You’ll need:
– Fresh Aubergines (1kg to 1.5kg might make a couple of jars)
– White wine vinegar
– Bay leaves and peppercorns
– Coarse Salt
– Garlic
– Parsley
– Olive Oil
– Clean Jars

1. Peel the Aubergines and slice them into roughly 1cm slices.
2. Arrange them into a colander with coarse salt in between layers (with will help sweat out the bitterness of the veggies) you can leave them as they are or use something to press them down
3. Leave to rest in the colander for around an hour
During this time you can prep your parsley and garlic mix by chopping them both into fine pieces and mixing them together
4. Afterwards rinse the aubergines and pat them dry
5. Bring equal parts of water and white wine vinegar to a boil with a couple of bay leaves and peppercorns.
6. In the meantime you can slowly boil the jars in some water and leave them to dry in the lowest oven setting (this will kill any sort of bacteria)
7. In small batches, boil the aubergines for a couple of seconds (20 – 30) and leave the to ‘dry’ on some kitchen paper.
8. When you have a couple to start working with, layer some slices with the parsley mix, you can add a bit of the parsley every couple of slices depending on how you take your garlic. – If there are some peppercorns of bay leaves making their way into the jar… leave them! the will add to the flavour later.
9. Once you whole jar is bursting with aubergines, fill the rest of the jar with olive oil. Make sure you move your jar around so there are no air pockets.
10. Close the jar and leave them to rest for around 15 days in a dry, dark place.

You can have them on their own, maybe as an appetiser with some toasted bread, as a side dish to a nice steak… you do you!

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