• Huggies Coupon Booklets

    DATE: Feb. 2015  CLIENT: Huggies NZ  SKILLS: Graphic Design BTL agency was approached by Huggies to re vamp their outdated coupon booklets that work as guides for newborns and toddlers. I was involved in the project by creating final art of these editorial pieces and taking some creative liberties that ended up in the final look and feel.  

  • Kleenex Sneezing Season

    DATE: Apr. 2015  CLIENT:  General Mills  SKILLS: Graphic Design Range of point of sale and display stand to promote a new range of Kleenex Tissues.

  • Jack Daniel’s Birthday (Concept/Pitch)

    DATE: Aug. 2015  CLIENT:  Jack Daniels New Zealand  SKILLS:  Graphic Design Series of concepts/posters pitched to Jack Daniel’s for their September Birthday Campaign. Even though the whole project was given to another agency, the client decided to use some of the artwork for another promotion.

  • Anchor Typographic T-Shirt

    DATE: Oct. 2015  CLIENT: Anchor Milk  SKILLS: Graphic Design  Typographic T-Shirt design for Brand Ambassadors at an Experiential Event by Anchor Milk.

  • Illustrated menu

    DATE: Jul. 2012  CLIENT:  Personal Project  SKILLS: Art Direction –  Illustration Illustrated hand-drawn menu design for a ‘literary’ themed dinner party. The final menu was created black marker over Kraft paper and it’s final size was 1200mm x 600mm.

  • The Kiwi Diaries Identity

    DATE: Jul. 2015  CLIENT:  TKD Blog  SKILLS: Art Direction – Graphic Design – Photography – Illustration WEB: www.thekiwidiaries.com Brand identity, logos, photography, editorial pieces and creative overview for the Travel and Lifestyle blog The Kiwi Diaries.

  • Mammoth Coffee POS 2015

    DATE: Jul. 2015  CLIENT:  Mammoth Coffee  SKILLS: Graphic Design Final art for Mammoth Coffee new protein range and packaging updated Trade Presenter. This was presented as a printed double sized A4 and Ipad version.

  • Alice in Wonderland Excerpt

    DATE: Aug. 2011  CLIENT:  University Project  SKILLS: Art Direction – Graphic Design – Illustration After researching about author Lewis Carroll. I designed his name as a brand and presented an illustrated typographic insert on an extract of one of his stories.

  • Meadows Mushrooms TP

    DATE: Aug. 2015  CLIENT:  Meadows Mushrooms  SKILLS: Art Direction – Graphic Design  Final art for Meadows Mushroom Trade Presenter.