Senses Box – A Balearic subscription box for the gourmet client

A couple of days ago I received a Senses Box. My first experience with subscription boxes was through Loot Create, a geeky sub box that every month sends you a variety of ‘geeky’ products, such as tshirts, games, toys, posters, etc. And from that moment on a whole universe of sub boxes opened to me: beauty boxes, personalised, clothes, etc.

But I found it hard to find a good food related subscription box, not in Europe at least. So when I read about Sense Box I wanted to get in touch to know a bit of their history.

These boxes begin as a personal project of Estefanía Ferriol and Kelly Darbyshire, two EHIB students (School of Hospitality of the Balearic Islands), both are certified sommeliers and share a passion for natural products and aromas. They personally choose the products in each box to achieve a great balance of flavours, while helping promote local products, giving special attention to its preparation and history.

So…what is it exactly?

Well, its pretty much it, each month Estefania and Kelly will prepare a curated selection of Balearic products and send it to your home with a bit of information. With the possibility to get a single month subscription, bi monthly or three months, one can get these boxes delivered without the hassle.

What I love about these kinds of products is the air of mystery and surprise around it, the ‘not knowing’ what you are going to get each month but at the same time, knowing that they are going to choose quality products, specially curated. Plus, this month I also got a recipe for grissini that I can already tell are going to go great with some of the products.

Currently they ship only to Spain (the postage is covered in the price) and it’s a great way to discover Balearic aromas and flavours.
Thanks girls for sending me this box, the orange marmalade and the peach coated almonds were a hit. Check their website here

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