Top 5 Christmas Markets in Europe

If there is something I didn’t know I needed but I can’t live without now….it’s Christmas Markets.

I come from the southern part of the globe, which means that for the first 26 years of my life I spent Christmas during summer. And even though I remember seeing some xmas markets in Auckland….its’ just not the same.

Glühwein, hot toddies, snow, melted cheese and hot sausages, mountains of candies and Christmas trees, fairy lights and spiced nuts these markets need to be on your buckets list.

Gendarmenmarkt – Berlin Germany
26 November – 31 December 2018

Let’s kick things off with my favourite market ever. I lived in Berlin for a year and had my family visit just in time for Christmas and I can tell you, we pretty much spent every night in the Gendarmenmarkt Market. I costs just 1 euro to get in, but usually if you go there during the week around midday you can get in for free. It’s a great experience for a classical German experience, warm drinks and handmade crafts.

Old town Square – Prague Czech Republic
1 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

If you are one for Christmas Trees then Prague is the way to go. There is a massive…and I can’t stress it enough MASSIVE Christmas tree in the middle of the old town square and it’s a great market to get a classic Czech roasted sausage and a pint of Pilsner Beer. If you are looking for something sweet then make sure to get a trdelník (roasted sweet dough that you can fill with nutella, cinnamon or by its own)

Vienna’s Christmas Market – Austria
23 November – 26 December 2018 

Vienna is known for going all out on Christmas so it’s no surprise that they have more than 20 pop-up festive stalls all around the city. You can also find a lovely ice rink to skate on or do a bit of curling.

Nuremberg Christmas Market – Germany
30 November – 24 December 2018

This Bavarian market is one of the oldest and most traditional markets. They are known for having a ban on modern and mass produced goods so here you’ll be able to find more traditional handmade crafts and wooden toys. It is one of Germany’s most loved markets and it is often said that you’ll need more than a day to fully appreciate it.

Princes Street Markets – Edinburgh Scotland
16 November 2018 – 5 January 2019

This market seems to get bigger and bigger each year. Here you can find Christmas ornaments, Scottish delicacies and hot drinks (everything ranging from hot chocolates to more traditional Glayva drinks made with local whisky) The Edinburgh market also counts with an ice skating rink, a rollercoaster, carousel and other rides for the little ones.

Brussels Christmas Market – Belgium
30 November 2018 – 6 January 2019

Chocolate, cheese and Belgian beer… what’s more to say. Over 200 traditional wooden chalets make up for this market, so make sure to sign up for a quick tour if don’t know where to begin. With the main square as a backdrop this market is truly a winter wonderland that spreads out all the way up to January.


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